The ARNANO company start-up in July 2009, is a spin-off of CEA-LETI of Grenoble.

ARNANO develops its activities on the basis of microelectronic technologies by adapting them to graphic applications.
After several years of research, the ARNANO team developed and patented with the CEA, a technology which is used to engrave synthetic sapphires.
This technology is based on the use of microscopic writing equipment with specific software for treatment of images. It involves the ability to coat thin films on transparent materials such as sapphire, glass, quartz, etc.
With this technology, ARNANO develops two applications:

  • Decoration, customization and authentication of luxury products including components in sapphire (watches, jewelry, mobile phones, …)
  • The preservation of data (final archives) on very long-term media

ARNANO pilots a national project (budget 4,6 M€) aiming to develop a complete technology from the writing to reading of NANOFORMS (sapphire discs  containing microscopic images).
ARNANO is member of the global competitive cluster “Minalogic “, the national pole “Traçabilité” and the association “Preuve et Archivage”.