The « Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives” purchased a “Nanoform” as a memory of the project “Passage.” It has been given by Frederick Tournebize, project leader “Passage,” to Bernard Bigot, General Chairman of the CEA, as memory of the first successful project of cleaning up multiple nuclear facilities in one CEA plant, during a ceremony that s’ took place on 1 July 2011 at CEA-Grenoble.
Here is an extract of the speech of Frederick Tournebize “Mr. General Chairman, it is with great pleasure and emotion that I address you today.
As Jean Therme, Director of the DRT, told us, I’m proud to give you now the witness wafer of the “Passage” project, the crossing from Melusine to Minatec:
This wafer…contains the structural elements of … “Passage » project … The engraving of this Nanoform has been done by ARNANO : the sapphire wafer contains the highly stable core of the project:
– The contents of the first general staff meeting when the specifications of the project has been defined
– The project management plan that describes the response to this request
– And the content of all Steering Committee meetings that have already been addressed in previous interventions … ”

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The National Agency for Radioactive Waste (ANDRA) is responsible for managing all radioactive waste produced on French territory. The storage of radioactive waste is designed to be intrinsically safe for a period depending on the life of waste.ANDRA wants to keep as long as possible the memory of these storage centres. France, via ANDRA, is among the most advanced country for consideration on long term memory. It focuses on media, also languages and symbols, and especially on the willingness and ability of future generations to transmit memory. In the frame of his consideration, ANDRA has realized long-term memory demonstrators with ARNANO technology.

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