The ultra long life nanoform

10 October 2012


For any human organization (companies, institutions) the preservation of information or strategical documents due to their economic, juridical or patrimonial value is a major issue. Risks of loss of this information are increasing on very long-term.

In order to answer to this issue of conservation of digital information with high safety level, ARNANO developed a technology allowing « to reproduce » at a microscopic scale the documents on an extremely stable sapphire wafer. So it guaranties a very long life to the informations. The NANOFORM, sapphire wafer that can contain up to 10 000 A4 pages, is:

  • Extremely resistant, it can be stocked in surrounding air during several hundred of years and manipulated without extreme caution or maintenance.
  • Forgery proof,
  • Readable through the wafer by transparency manually or automatically
  • Independent of technological evolutions because documents are not encoded.
  • A “document” with probative value

*NANOFORM is made up of a sapphire wafer in the middle of which information is engraved at a microscopic scale and revealed by a titanium nitride coating. These very high performance materials allow the NANOFORM to resist to the most severe attacks:

  • Scratches and abrasion (Hardness of 9 on a scale of 10 (diamond))
  • Water, saltwater, salt atmosphere, solvent and acid resistant
  • UV and electromagnetic radiation resistant
  • Thermal resistant (up to 950°C)