Computer generated holography

A readable picture at the naked eye can be coded with the computer generated holography in a cloud of small points. The reading of the hologram is done by illuminating the cloud of points by laser light.

The particular ARANANO know-how is the ability to embed an hologram coded with a cloud of microscopic points in a picture in grey level or to “organize ” the cloud of points in a macroscopically readable graphic. It becomes very difficult to identify the presence of a hologram. This technique is extremely robust and almost tamper proof. It can therefore be used as an anti-counterfeiting “tag”.

The mineral thermolithography

The technology used to produce micro-decoration on sapphire pieces is based on the thermal exposure of a thin reactive metal film (about 50 nm).

After surface preparation, a metal film is deposited on the sapphire piece. Then the exposed areas with a laser are removed. The resolution is about 2 microns. This technology can be applied to pieces with any shape and having holes.


ARNANO has developed an original know-how for new customer applications. These new skills, coming from its research and development activity, focus on three technologies:

  • Maskless laser lithography for micro etching of thin film on transparent wafers (100 to 200 mm diameter) to manufacture NANOFORMS.
  • Maskless laser lithography for micro etching thin film on transparent pieces (flat pieces of any size from 10 mm to 200 mm) to make micro-decoration.
  • The computer generated holography for products traceability and authentication