As a researcher at CEA Grenoble, Alain Rey wanted to diversify the use of microelectronic technologies by applying them to the industry of luxury items.

The microscopic engraving on synthetic sapphire, an ultra-resistant transparent material, allows for the production of splendid dials for watches. Somewhat less glamorous, this technology is used primarily to archive data for the purpose of longevity. "We launched our first commercial offer of "the new millennium" archiving for firms, with our partner, the company Everial, during the Documentation Show in Paris on the 17th and 18th of March ", announces Alain Rey, the founder of ARNANO, from CEA-Grenoble in 2009. The first target will be the risky industry which could engrave chemical formulas or architectural drawings of nuclear plants to guarantee their readability by future generations. "We use the equipment of CEA-LETI to produce the NANOFORMS and we supply a scanner or a decoder if the content has been encrypted.”

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